Specialist Trust Advisory Services

Glynns Lawyers is a premier Australian law firm, highly regarded for its expertise in trust advisory services. Our dedicated team offers bespoke legal advice and comprehensive support for the creation, management, and administration of trusts. Understanding the strategic importance of trusts in asset protection, estate planning, and tax minimisation, we provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs and objectives of our clients. Whether for personal wealth management, charitable purposes, or business structuring, our approach ensures that trusts are established and operated in compliance with Australian laws and regulations, optimising benefits for trustees and beneficiaries alike.

Navigating the Complexities of Trust Law

Our legal professionals are adept at navigating the complexities of trust law, offering guidance on the most appropriate type of trust for your situation, including discretionary trusts, unit trusts, testamentary trusts, and more. We assist in drafting trust deeds that clearly outline the terms and conditions, ensuring that the trust’s structure aligns with your financial and personal goals. Our team also provides ongoing advice on the legal obligations of trustees, the rights of beneficiaries, and the effective administration of trusts, safeguarding against legal pitfalls and ensuring the trust fulfils its intended purpose.

Personalised Support and Strategic Planning

At Glynns Lawyers, we believe in a personalised approach, recognising that each client’s situation and objectives are unique. Our strategic planning and advice extend beyond the establishment of a trust, encompassing succession planning, asset protection strategies, and tax planning to ensure that your trust operates efficiently and effectively over time. We are committed to providing clear, actionable advice, enabling our clients to make informed decisions about their trusts.

Choosing Glynns Lawyers for your trust needs means partnering with a firm that combines legal expertise with a deep understanding of the financial and personal implications of trusts. Our dedication to delivering customised, strategic solutions ensures that your trust is not only legally compliant but also aligned with your broader financial and estate planning goals. With Glynns Lawyers, you gain more than just legal services; you secure a partnership that is invested in protecting your assets and achieving your long-term objectives.

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